Lighting and other hire items

Red, Green & Blue Rotating Mirror Ball

Laser Ball Light

The LCD2 produces rotating mirror ball effect with a choice of red, green, blue, mixed or alternating colour. When used with smoke it radiates rotating laser like color beams.

Fog Machine

Fog Machine

Quality fog machine with remote control give’s a real disco effect when used with the led laser light or the red green and blue rotating mirrior ball

Led Laser Light

LED Laser Light

This led laser light  light uses led technology to create laser like effects. The advantage of Led’s means they can be used in any environment and are completely safe.
This unit has four separate lights projecting red, blue, red, & white shafts of light and combinations of rhythmic dot patterns. When used with smoke it radiates laser like colour beams.

Outdoor Heater Small

Table top heater small

Just because the temperature is going down outside it doesn’t mean you have to have your event inside. If you’ve got an outdoor area that you love to use for parties during summer then there’s no reason why you can’t use it all year round just hire one of our table top heaters.
This handy sized heater will stand on any outside table. Its sturdy base and table clamping bracket will keep it secure from being knocked over, plus its flame safeguard gives added safety.

Beer Can Fridge

Beer Can Fridge 

The Coola Can is the hassle free alternative to the old fashioned ice barrel!
It has a capacity of holding up to 60 beverage cans of your choice and will keep them chilled all night without the mess of buckets or a bath full of ice and water, it can also be used to chill bottles of wine.
Completely portable and stable with 3 wheels.

Thermostatically controlled temperature.
From room temperature to 0°C in approximately 20 minutes (when empty)

PA System( 150 watt twin speakers) with IPod connections!

Now available

Our PA comes with 2x150 Watt speakers 1 microphone and the clearest sound you have ever heared,also we can supply a ipod connection or use our Note book to play all you own choice of music for a small adittional cost (see our price list) 

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