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Classic Daiquiri * Alcohol not supplied *The splice

A Cocktail For A Long Summer BreezeVodka (700ml) Triple Sec or Cointreau (200ml) Tropical Base!


 Summer Breeze

Viagra   Vodka (700ml-1litre) Blue Lemonade Base!



The Fruit Tingle Vodka (750ml) Fruit Tingle Base-Tastes just like a lifesaver!


 Fruit tingle

Sex on the beach

Vodka (700ml) Grenadine (100ml) Peach and Orange Base-Heaven!


 Sex On The Beach

Delicious Lemon Margarita
Tequila (750ml) Triple Sec (200ml) Margarita Base!


Lemon Margarita 

The Blue Hawaiian
White Rum (500ml) Blue Curacao (200ml) Cointreau (200ml) Pineapple Base. Hawaii!


Blue Hawiian 

Tempting Tequila Sunrise Tequila (700ml) Orange Base. “Tequila!”

 Tequila Sunrise

The Pina Colada
Pina Colada Base & White Rum (700ml)


 Pina Colada

Tropical Paradise (Rum)
Rum (700ml) Tropical Base - An island favourite! White Rum or Bourbon/Scotch (700ml)
with our Cola Base JUST AMAZING!


    Bourbon Drink        Summer Breeze   

The Splice
Melon Liquor (350ml) White Rum (350ml) Pineapple Base!

The splice 

The illusion (Midori)
 Mix Midori (700ml) Triple Sec or Cointreau (200ml) Pineapple Base For the Most Amazing Illusions Ever!

The Illusion 

The Classic Daiquiri
Real Strawberries (Strawberry Base) and White Rum. (700ml) or Succulent Mangoes (Mango Base) and White Rum.


Classic Daiquiri 

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